Par for the Dungeon
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Par for the Dungeon - A hole-in-one for the adventurous!

Par for the Dungeon combines golf with adventurous elements and puzzles. Players accompany Cal through unique worlds, fight bogeys and master over 100 levels. The mixture of strategy, skill and action makes the game an unforgettable experience and provides hours of fun.
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Golf may be known as a sport of patience and calm, but Par for the Dungeon throws this label overboard and brings an explosive mix of adventure and puzzles into play. Not only the golf ball, but also the digital heart rate is driven up.

Teeing off into adventure

Par for the Dungeon is not a simple game, but A journey full of riddlesdangers and unexpected twists. Accompany Cal on his hunt for the sneaky, dog-like bogeys through over 100 increasingly tricky levels. This involves not only golf balls, but also laser beams and Grappling hook fought.

Par for the Dungeon

The world of Par is diverse and unique. From picturesque little town from snow-covered crypts to mushroom-covered forests, there is plenty to discover and master. If you master the game mechanics and complete the levels in as few moves as possible, you will unlock new challenges and outfits for Cal.

Par for the Dungeon - An unusual exchange of blows

As in traditional golf, the aim of each level is to get Cal into the hole with as few strokes as possible. Yes, Cal is the golf ball... The aim is to, bizarre obstacles to analyze and overcome and to precisely adjust the impact force. But be careful! Hordes of bogeys patrol every level and block the holes with their mere presence.

Par for the Dungeon

To gain the upper hand, the players have to build bounce chains, Activate deadly traps and skillfully use an arsenal of items. It's a constant battle between strategy and skill, where every decision counts.

Golf with a pinch of chaos

Par for the Dungeon is not only a feast for puzzle fans, but also for anyone looking for a good dose of action and variety. It's not just the golf ball that explodes here, but also the excitement! The combination of strategic thinking, precise timing and quick reflexes makes this game a real gaming experience.

The variety of levels and the constant new challenges keep players on their toes and allow them to No boredom arise. Each level is a new adventure where you never know what to expect.

Par for the Dungeon

Unique worlds and challenges

The worlds of Par are as diverse as they are challenging. The different environments, of idyllic villages to mysterious crypts, always offer new surprises and challenges.

The constant hunt for the perfect shot and the next high score keeps motivation high. The ability to unlock new outfits and challenges adds an extra dimension to the game and keeps the fun going.

Par for the Dungeon - An adventurous hole-in-one dream

Par for the Dungeon is an explosive and varied adventure that combines calm Golf with action-packed elements and tricky puzzles. A game that trains both the gray cells and the laugh muscles and guarantees hours of fun. A must for all golf (ball) fans!



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