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Paralives - Live the life of your dreams!

Once you have your own four walls and virtual likeness, the life of your dreams can begin. How you live it is up to you. Would you prefer to focus on your career or start a large family?

If you've always imagined a great virtual Life and create the house of your dreams at the same time, then Paralives is the right place for you. The latest project from indie developer Alex Massé offers you the opportunity to express yourself creatively and develop your personality freely in a virtual life. Of course, it all starts within your own four walls.

To enable you to create the house or apartment of your dreams, Paralives provides you with a variety of useful tools with which you can tackle the construction of your own home. Whether gridless constructions, curved walls, individually designed carpets, colored textures or objects whose size can be individually adjusted: According to the developer, nothing is left to be desired here.

Numerous options in the extensive character editor

Of course, Alex Massé also thought of an extensive character editor in the course of his work on Paralives. This makes it possible to the players and players to customize their characters. For example, players can adjust their character's height, various facial and body features, the color of their skin and, of course, their personality. This allows creative Contemporaries to your heart's content.

Goodbye square rooms: building in Paralives makes a very good impression and promises individual mechanics.

Once you have your own four walls and virtual likeness, the life of your dreams can begin. How you live it is up to you. Would you prefer to focus on your career or start a large family? And how about a pet, lots of friends or an expensive hobby?

The decision is entirely up to you and, thanks to of the numerous possibilities for the necessary replay value.

The community is involved in the further development of Paralives

Other key elements of the lifeSimulation is the open game world, where there is always something to do regardless of the season. Put on your best outfit and visit a restaurant, enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine in the park or travel to the mountains in winter.

The character editor scores with extreme variety, so that you can easily create your own likeness or a fantasy character.

To ensure that there is variety and new content in the long term, Paralives supports both modifications and an extensive editor for new content. This is where dedicated players can live out creatively and create new content for the game world of the life simulation. So if you want to put your own stamp on the title, you've come to the right place.

Especially as a connection to the Steam Workshop is offered. This makes it easy to upload your own creations such as characters, houses, outfits and more and share them with other users from all over the world. At the same time, of course, the works of the international community can be downloaded and used in your own game. For long-term support and entertainment is is taken care of.



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