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SkateBIRD - One of us will climb over the cuckoo's nest

SkateBIRD combines familiar game mechanics with an enchanting premise, an endearing story and a wealth of customization options that make every skate session a unique experience. To make the grind to success a little more enjoyable, players can tweak the controls to their own liking.

What do birds do when they're not flying through the air or sitting in trees waiting for the next victim of an air raid? The developer studio of Glass Bottom Games has looked into this question in depth and presents the favorite hobby of winged companions in the game SkateBIRD.


In SkateBIRD, players slip into the role of Role of a small canary, who has to watch his "big friend" go through a crisis. To cheer him up a little and free him from his agonizing job, the little bird uses all his strength and does the only sensible thing: he jumps on a skateboard to make the city unsafe!

The player's task is to work their way through various skate parks while completing small side tasks for other birds. The aim is to use skating to find a way to help the Great Friend and make him happy again.

In SkateBIRD, a world full of fascinating skate parks and challenges opens up, all tailored to a feather-light, airborne creature. The big friend seems to get happier and happier through his exploits on four wheels, which shows that SkateBIRD is not just a Surprisingly deep game mechanics but also tells a touching story about friendship and support.

SkateBIRD, Tony Hawk, or what?

With SkateBIRD, Glass Bottom Games emulate the big skate games that many people are familiar with. Players gradually unlock different stages, can buy new outfits in the store and design their own boards to race around on. In addition, the various facilities, which are of course all compressed to the size of a bird, contain every Lots of little goodies which players can find by exploring, grinding, flipping and similar maneuvers. For example, players can expand their mixtape collection or unlock new birds.

Anyone who has ever a game from Tony Hawk will recognize the familiar game mechanics and controls. This is no coincidence, as SkateBIRD aims to continue the tradition of great skate games in the world of our feathered friends.

A "trip" in the living room... always works.

The world of SkateBIRD is designed with great attention to detail and offers a playful experience that is easily accessible yet challenging. With every session played, the little skatebird gains in reputation, attracts more and more bird fans and expands its world.

But it's not just the skating experience that inspires. The story is heartwarming and reminds us that everyone, no matter how small, can make a big difference. Sometimes all it takes is a little courage, a skateboard and the desire to help a friend. In addition to numerous challenges, there are also lots of goodies hidden in the various levels. For example, you can expand your own mixtape collection or unlock new bird characters. Completing tasks and reaching milestones increases the skateboarding hero's level of popularity.

Customizable gaming fun

SkateBIRD relies on very simple controls so that even beginners with no prior knowledge can get straight into the skating game with the cute birds. Optionally via the keyboard or with a controller, players can guide their mini-skaters through the Send area and small tutorials show how the basic tricks work.

Flying high with boards and wings: there are plenty of ramps and jumps where you can perform lots of cool tricks.

The game also allows you to customize the controls and design to suit your own preferences. You can also load your personal MP3 music collection into the game to create the perfect soundtrack for your skate session. Players therefore have every opportunity to create their own skate experience.

SkateBIRD is a wing-flapping adventure

SkateBIRD is a charming, heartwarming game with unexpected depth. It combines familiar game mechanics with an enchanting premise, an endearing story and a wealth of customization options that make every skate session a unique experience. And let's not forget the most important message: Skatebirds always give their best! The game is an entertaining and refreshing change of pace that shows that sometimes the smallest creatures have the greatest adventures. Who would have thought that skating birds could be so much fun? SkateBIRD impressively proves that the sky is the limit, even when you're on four wheels!



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