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Prehistoric Kingdom - Your own dinosaur zoo

The real highlight, however, is of course the dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, which we revive in a separate research area of the game. We have the choice between dozens of dinosaur species.
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Dinosaurs are cool. Games are cool. But somehow the two rarely come together, apart from Jurassic World Evolution. Survival specialists have been able to let off steam in Ark for a few years now, but everyone else is left out in the cold. Even in the past, there were very few dinosaur games in the simulation genre. And yet there are so many exciting possibilities, it's completely incomprehensible. Now, however, a promising title is being launched: the studio "Blue Meridian" has been working very intensively on the game in recent years. Prehistoric Kingdom and will usher in a new Dino era in 2022.

Prehistoric Kingdom is a classic tycoon

Gaming veterans may still remember the big wave of the Tycoon games in the Nineties. Spurred on by Railroad Tycoon and the Rollercoaster Tycoon series, which is still popular today, a veritable flood of economic simulations flooded the video game market. One of these games was Zoo Tycoon, which implemented the idea of prehistoric animals in a zoo in an add-on. Well, that was a long time ago and the genre has been quiet ever since. No doubt spurred on by the success of Jurassic World in the cinema, as well as Jurassic World Evolution and especially Planet Zoo the studio "Blue Meridian" breathes new life into the idea of Prehistoric Kingdom. As is usual in the genre, it is initially a simulation of economic processes. Logically, after all, dinos want to eat and the park needs to be expanded.

Prehistoric Kingdom
Anyone who likes dinosaurs will get their money's worth here. Simulation and graphics form an outstanding symbiosis.

Rollercoaster Dinosaur Tycoon

The main aim of making money is - of course - to make park visitors happy. In addition to the enclosures and fences, we also build carousels and other attractions. Of course, we shouldn't forget food stalls and toilets. But the real highlight is of course the Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, which we revive in a separate research area of the game. We have the choice between dozens of dinosaur species. We clone celebrities such as brachiosaurs and velociraptors, but also enjoy Argentinosaurs and smilodons, the large sabre-toothed tigers of the Ice Age. Besides the running costs and the We should always keep an eye on safety in the park to ensure the satisfaction of our guests. After all, we learned from the Jurassic Park films what a lack of investment in safety can lead to.

Prehistoric Kingdom
Enclosure construction is also the focus here. The available components and terrain tools know no creative limits.

Prehistoric construction kit and creative expression

Speaking of the eye: the developers attach great importance to ensuring that no two parks are the same. So we embellish our surroundings with a variety of plants and stones, build fences and, unlike the Tycoons of that time, we can even build rounded curves. A small detail, but one that makes Prehistoric Kingdom look much more real. We can also customize our prehistoric inhabitants and change their colors, for example. But the really special thing about Prehistoric Kingdom is the wide range of building options, which is made possible by a mass of components and their scalability. Planet Zoo sends its regards! ­čśë

And by the way: there are mammoths too, of course!



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