E-sports - a world full of opportunities and misunderstandings

E-sports - a world full of opportunities and misunderstandings

E-sports is developing from a hobby into a serious profession with high earning potential. Prejudices against gamers persist, even though they are long outdated. There are various PC setups for beginners, although building your own is often the better choice. E-sports not only offer entertainment, but also valuable career opportunities.

Of Life and Land

Of Life and Land - Urban development in harmony with nature

The charming low-poly style of Of Life and Land contributes to the relaxed atmosphere of the game and allows players to concentrate fully on building and managing their settlement. The graphic design and the richness of detail of the various game elements give Of Life and Land a distinctive aesthetic that makes the gaming experience even more impressive.


Norland - rule with a lot of heart and stubborn toughness

Norland is a captivating medieval simulation in which players take on the role of a nobleman who rules over a dynamic city. With complex relationships, economic systems and political intrigue, the game offers an in-depth experience.

Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires - Of medieval battlefields and tamable horses

Myth of Empires combines building, strategy and simulation in a medieval-inspired sandbox game. With technology trees of different civilizations, an open world and a variety of empire-building options, it offers a rich and varied gaming experience.

Create Discord rules

Create Discord rules - templates for your server

Rules are essential for a Discord server to build and maintain a harmonious and engaged community. They create an environment in which members can feel comfortable, learn, exchange ideas and grow.


Palworld - The funniest Steam reviews

Palworld surprises not only with its unique mix of survival and fantasy, but also with the humorous Steam reviews of its community. The reviews are as colorful and diverse as the game itself.

The Light in the Darkness

The Light in the Darkness - An emotional journey through occupied Paris

The Light in the Darkness takes players on an emotional journey through occupied France during the Second World War. As a Polish-Jewish family confronted with the Nazi occupation, players experience the challenges of everyday life, while the game combines education and entertainment through mini-games and historical insights.


Enshrouded - Where darkness becomes a play of light

With cooperative gameplay for up to 16 players and a versatile skill tree, Enshrouded offers a rich and immersive experience. It invites you to discover the secrets of Embervale and confront the shadows.


CLeM - Mysterious adventures in the house of riddles

CLeM takes players into a mysterious house full of puzzles and secrets. Using a notebook as a key, players explore unique rooms, solve challenging puzzles and uncover a dark story. The combination of hand-drawn graphics and the new "Puzzlevania" genre makes it an unforgettable experience.

The Universim

The Universim - Creating life with a divine touch

A funny trick is the position of the player as a god who watches over the life of the simulated civilization. Similar to the classic Black & White by Lionhead Studios, players are not only allowed to construct buildings and lay roads, but can also directly influence their civilizations.

Open Roads

Open Roads - Unusual road trip full of secrets

Open Roads is a profound adventure game that tells the emotional journey of Tess and Opal, mother and daughter. In search of family secrets, they explore abandoned places and discover not only the past, but also each other.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty - From wooden hammer to ruler

Medieval Dynasty combines survival, simulation, role-playing and strategy in a medieval world. From simple peasant to dynasty founder - this game offers an authentic medieval experience, enhanced by a multiplayer update with a new map.


UNDYING - Mother and son against the apocalypse

In this highly emotional story, which revolves around the despair of a desperate mother, UNDYING captivates the players not only through the main characters, but also through the blurred environments and the reduced color palette.

House Flipper 2

House Flipper 2 - With hammer, brush and wrench

House Flipper 2 brings back the beloved renovation simulator with a new shine. With improved features, a refreshed look and exciting stories, the game attracts both old and new fans to the charming town of Pinnacove.


Gunhead - In space it hails kisses on the nuts

As the successor to Cryptark, Gunhead combines FPS action with roguelike elements in a universe full of space piracy. Players control a mech pirate, explore unique spaceships and face tactical challenges.

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Family games evening incoming

Family games evening incoming - laughter guaranteed

By purchasing this game package, you are not only doing something for your laugh muscles, but also supporting the Sandy Hook Promise organization, which works to protect American children from gun violence.

Best of Boomer Shooters - Humble Bundle

Best of Boomer Shooters game bundle

This unique collection combines the best elements of classic first-person shooters with modern design principles to deliver an intense, nostalgic gaming experience.