Medieval Dynasty
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Medieval Dynasty - Long-awaited feature within reach

Render Cube and Toplitz Productions reveal the co-op mode and a new map "The Oxbow" for the popular game Medieval Dynasty. The new area presents new characters and missions that can be completed solo or cooperatively. The CEO of Render Cube sees this as a significant expansion of the gaming experience.
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Render Cube and Toplitz Productions offer a first look at the new co-op mode of the highly anticipated game Medieval Dynasty. One of the main focuses is the introduction of a new map called "The Oxbow". This expanded area brings a fresh element to the successful mix of life simulation, survival, role-playing and city-building and features new characters, landmarks and villages.

At the center of "Oxbow" is Piastova, the first location that players can enter either individually or cooperative will visit. New missions and numerous new characters await here. In addition, everyday life in the villages of Oxbow will be livelier, with additions such as new workplaces. For example Players chopping wood at the forest worker station or get involved in butter production, which makes the medieval hustle and bustle a lot more intense.

A trailer for the update can be seen here: YouTube

One highlight is that all new missions can be played both alone and in collaboration with friends can be completed. Damian Szymański, CEO of Render Cube, commented: "We want to give Medieval Dynasty fans more ways to play and expand the overall game experience. The co-op mode with the Oxbow map is one of the biggest and most exciting Extensions, that have been added to the game since launch."

In Medieval Dynasty, players begin as a young man living a simple life, learning and honing his skills as a farmer and hunter. It is his task to build his own home from the ground up, starting with a simple hut and ending with a sprawling farm. In addition, he must motivate people to settle near him and work for him in order to ensure the survival of his dynasty.

The game features a vast 3D open world that reflects life in the Middle Ages, including the challenges of a harsh winter and unpredictable events. Throughout the game, players hone their skills and create a legacy destined to secure their bloodline's place in history for generations to come.



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