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Zoo Keeper - The dream of your own low-poly animal park

The goals in Zoo Keeper are obvious: continuously expand your own zoo, look after the animal inhabitants and attract numerous visitors, who in turn keep the money rolling in. And of course, there are also exciting attractions for the little ones.

Zoo Keeper is an ambitious project for fans of management simulations that stands out from the competition with its low-poly look. The Zoo simulation is the result of a collaboration between the developers of Pyramid Games and the two publishers Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games S.A. and allows you to take control of your own zoo.

The goals are obvious: to continuously expand the zoo, care for the animal inhabitants and attract numerous visitors, who in turn ensure that the money rolls in.

Let your imagination run wild

There are virtually no limits to your imagination when building or expanding your own zoo. The first step is to create the floor plan of the Animal parks design, plan structures and build the appropriate enclosures in which your animals can lead a species-appropriate life. The title places particular emphasis on the different biomes used to create the climatic living conditions for animals such as tigers, polar bears and penguins.

In Zoo Keeper there are even dinosaurs and therefore the opportunity to build the ultimate crossover zoo.

As the manager of a zoo, you naturally need the support of a powerful team in Zoo keeper. So hire keepers, cashiers and vets to ensure that the day-to-day running of the zoo runs smoothly. But be careful: each employee will only do their job if they are paid on time.

You should therefore always keep an eye on your zoo's finances. However, the focus of the game is on the Keeping animalswhich presents you with various challenges. On the one hand, you should of course do everything you can to provide the different animals with a species-appropriate enclosure and feed them.

Rare animals attract streams of visitors

In addition, the enclosures must be cleaned regularly to prevent your precious animals from becoming ill. However, should an illness occur, the affected animal must of course be treated. And who knows? If you become a successful zoo owner, there is a chance that particularly rare or even prehistoric animals will find their way into your zoo and attract new streams of visitors.

The larger your zoo, the more time-consuming it is to care for the animals and the enclosures.

And of course, there are also exciting attractions for the little ones. Zoo Keeper is a classic single-player experience and, according to the developers at Pyramid Games, is aimed at both frequent players and the casual audience.

So that players who are familiar with the genre of Business and management simulations Zoo Keeper offers detailed tutorials that cover the basics of the game so that players who have not played much before can get their money's worth and quickly find their feet.



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