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The Walking Dead and more Bundle from Skybound Games

Discover the Black Friday Bundle from Skybound Games with "The Walking Dead", "WrestleQuest" and more. Exciting games and support for charity included.

Black Friday - if you can still call it that - was or is just around the corner (or is still ongoing) and with it a wealth of offers. Of particular note here is the almost inconspicuous Black Friday bundle from Skybound Games, which offers an impressive selection of games. From zombie survival battles in "The Walking Dead" to epic wrestling adventures in "WrestleQuest". This package promises excitement and entertainment for every game end.

Let's start with The Walking Deadthe celebrated narrative Adventure series from Telltale. Players are immersed in a world that has been overrun by zombies. The decisions you make influence the emotional rollercoaster ride, the story and the fate of the characters.

This is joined by the VR horror game belonging to the series The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinnersincluding the latest chapter "Retribution". Here you can experience the thrill and horror of a world populated by the undead. Every decision counts and survival depends on the ability to gather resources and think strategically.

The bundle also offers WrestleQuesta unique mix of pro wrestling and role-playing game. Here, players can step into the ring and put their wrestling skills to the test while experiencing a gripping story. It's an unusual but fascinating mix of genres that is sure to provide a few surprises.


The package also includes games such as Glitch Busters and Renfield: Bring Your Own Bloodwhich guarantee further variety and fun. Each game offers a unique experience, be it through innovative game mechanics or captivating narratives.

In addition, the purchase of the bundle supports a charitable organization of your choice. So you can not only enjoy great games, but also do something good at the same time. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In summary, the Black Friday Bundle from Skybound Games an impressive selection of games ranging from zombie survival battles to wrestling adventures. With every purchase you also support a charitable organization, which gives the whole thing an additional positive note.

The bundle is available up to and including December 8.

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