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Weird West ★ The Wild West with a difference

In the action role-playing game Weird West players must find their way in a hostile, imaginative interpretation of the Wild West. In this version of the American frontier from pre-modern times, however, magical elements, surreal creatures and dark forces are at work.

At the center of the plot is a group of anti-heroes, which is built up by the players as in a classic RPG. The top-down perspective reinforces the initial impression that this is a Role play old school games like Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin.

Playful freedom like in immersive simulations

Behind Weird Westpublished by Devolver Digital, however, is the team from WolfEye Studios, the new studio of French video game developer Raphaël Colantonio. He is known as the head of Arkane Studios and was one of the creative teams that developed immersive simulations such as Dishonored and Prey.

That's why Weird West is saving itself the second look clearly from classic adventure role-playing games. On the one hand, players can move their characters freely in the game world and do not have to adhere to a grid or guidelines limited by action points for the movement of the characters. Battles are also fought in real time and are more akin to the chaotic action of a top-down shooter.

According to the developers, how skillfully players use abilities, weapons and powers will be decisive for success in combat. For example, it would be possible to creatively eliminate a large number of opponents by using a slow-motion ability and a well-aimed shot to explode an ammunition crate during an air jump before one of the opponents is killed. Opponent even just to draw his weapon.

Dark stories with momentous decisions

Weird West promises to be an adventure full of opportunities for such creative actions. In addition to the freedom of play, the characters' stories will play a major role. On the one hand, the characters have imaginative to dark background stories, which can be discovered in the course of the game.

On the other hand, the players have considerable influence on the course of the plot and how the non-player characters react to their characters by making their own decisions. Five playable characters, each with their own stories and a storyline that adapts to numerous decisions. Action according to WolfEye Studios, are designed to provide several unique gameplay options.



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