A Juggler's Tale

A Juggler's Tale ★ Life is (not) a circus game

Escape into the unknown - In the 2D adventure A Juggler's Tale from developer studio Mixtvision and publisher kaleidoscube, players take on the role of little Abby. The young girl longs for the big, wide world. But she has no idea what dangers await her in the distance.

Breakout mood

Abby's life could actually be a good one. As part of a circus troupe, she travels the country entertaining people and performing little tricks together with Urs the bear. Away from the show, however, her life is different. The circus director keeps the girl in a small cage and only lets her out for the few minutes of her performance.

One day, Abby decides to get out of her Prison to break out. She is drawn out into the world, which holds so many secrets and discoveries. However, the girl does not know that beyond the walls of the small towns and villages that the circus passes through, a merciless war is raging. People are suffering from hunger and poverty and Abby soon realizes that not everything she has dreamed of is true.

Logic juggler

A Juggler's Tale is a small, lovingly designed 2D adventurewhich keeps players entertained with little puzzles. The whole game is structured like a puppet show with marionettes that move on the typical marionette strings.

In order to to move through the worldFor example, Abby has to hit certain targets with an apple or move boxes in another place to get a head start. But time and again, her own threads get in the way. To prevent her threads from getting caught on an obstacle that is normally easy to overcome, she has to take detours from time to time.

Both the level of difficulty and the length of the game remain the same. A Juggler's Tale a little less. The developers are less interested in making players despair over a puzzle for as long as possible. Instead, they want to tell a short story that is perfect for a cozy gaming session on a gloomy afternoon or a cold winter's day.



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