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Dungeons 4 - Where absolute evil once again gives the heroes the finger

Dungeons 4 takes players into an evil world where the laughter is as dark as the gloomy dungeons you build. The combination of sarcastic humor, strategic depth and an unprecedented lust for evil makes this game an unforgettable experience.
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In a world teeming with gleaming armor and flawless heroes, "Dungeons 4" throws the pristine white hat overboard and swaps it for a dark hood and a mischievous grin. The latest part of the series offers an ironic, black perspective on the classic battle between good and evil and lets players look behind the scenes of the underworld as they slip into the uncomfortable boots of absolute evil.

The dark return

After the triumphant victory over the forces of good in the last chapter, absolute evil doesn't mince its words (or the cave entrance) and returns with its loyal, ironic sidekick Thalya. The goal is clear: to build a dungeon that is as inviting as a walk through a forest of stinging nettles.

Every stone, every trap and every drop of green slime is meticulously placed to teach the invading heroes the meaning of fear. But be careful: the Heroes are defiant and have done their homework - they come with a plan. A bad one, but a plan nonetheless.

Dungeons 4

Unexpected party guests in Dungeons 4

The emergence of the dwarves takes the underworld conflict in "Dungeons 4" to a new level. These small but stubborn fellows with a Preference for glittering stones are determined to make their own bad guy mark on the underground.

The introduction of the dwarves brings a breath of fresh air into the dark corridors and poses an additional challenge. Their insatiable greed and penchant for meddling in the affairs of absolute evil provide additional thrills and strife in the deep halls of evil.

Expansion of evil

"Dungeons 4" boasts a Dungeon landscapewhich is so vast that even absolute evil needs a map. With a game world four times the size and an overworld just waiting to be devoured by darkness, the possibilities for villains are endless.

Every victory over the good-hearted minibosses brings a new, dark color to the world and expands the dark empire. The overworld will not know what hits it - until it is hit.

Dungeons 4

The power in Thalya's hands

Thanks to a skill-based advantage system, Thalya can now boast a range of impressive new powers. She is no longer just the right hand of absolute evil, but also a serious threat to the heroes of the overworld.

With Thalya at the helm, the dark armies are ready to take over the upper world in a storm of fire, brimstone and sarcastic one-liners.

Dungeons 4 brings cooperative villainy

The cooperative multiplayer mode opens up the possibility, the evil craft together with a friend. Together you can put heroes to flight while giggling at their clumsy attempts to defeat evil.

The joy of shared villainy is raised to a new level by the possibility of managing a dungeon together. After all, what could be better than plunging the world into ruin together?

Dungeons 4

A kiss on the little nut from the Dungeon Keeper

"Dungeons 4" and the legendary game Dungeon Keeper from Bullfrog from the 90s are like two dark peas in a dark pod. Both games invite you to embrace the dark side and create your own dungeon of doom.

But while "Dungeon Keeper" laid the foundation for the genre, "Dungeons 4" picks up the torch of evil and takes it into a new era with a larger game world, cooperative multiplayer and modernized mechanics. The satirical take on the classic good/evil conflict and the mischievous humor that characterizes both "Dungeon Keeper" and "Dungeons 4" offer fans of the genre a nostalgic yet fresh experience.

The increased scope and improved mechanics of "Dungeons 4" pay homage to the legacy of "Dungeon Keeper" while offering a modern twist of its own.

Dungeons 4

And even more with the Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition expands the main game with additional, exclusive content. This includes a digital artbook that provides a detailed insight into the artistic development of the game, from concept art to finished designs. The accompanying soundtrack enhances the gaming experience with a selection of specially composed music pieces, ranging from sombre melodies to epic compositions, perfectly underlining the atmosphere of the game.

A special highlight are the nostalgic "Dungeons 3" skins for Thalya and the Hand of Evil, which offer long-time fans of the series a special bond. This edition also includes a remaster of the popular "Storm of Dollaran" map from "Dungeons 3". The reinterpretation of the classic offers updated graphics and adapted gameplay elements that round off the gaming experience of "Dungeons 4". The edition is therefore ideal for fans who want to enjoy the new game experience of "Dungeons 4" as well as indulge in nostalgic memories.

Dungeons 4 - Haste makes waste... Class wedges!

"Dungeons 4" takes players into an evil world where the laughter is as dark as the gloomy dungeons you build. The combination of sarcastic humor, strategic depth and an unparalleled lust for evil makes this game an unforgettable experience.

Players will not only be challenged, but also deliciously amused as they attempt to conquer the overworld and put the clumsy heroes in their place. With an impressive expansion of the game world, improved game mechanics and a breath of fresh air by the dwarves Dungeons 4" stands out from its predecessors and offers a worthy continuation of the series.

The comparison with "Dungeon Keeper" enhances the appeal by pulling the nostalgic strings and at the same time showing how far the genre has come. "Dungeons 4" pays tribute to its roots while offering players a modern, mature and ironically evil game world. The introduction of cooperative multiplayer mode is a smart move that takes being evil together to a new, entertaining level.

It's the kind of game you play with a mischievous smile on your face as you meets the challenges and enjoy the humorous interludes. In an industry often dominated by white-clad heroes, "Dungeons 4" offers a refreshingly dark and humorous change of pace that will keep players hooked for many hours.



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